How to setting up outlook email on windows 10? Outlook sign in issues.

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Outlook email is available as a part of Microsoft Office Suit. Outlook email is often used for email access but it can also be used as a task manager, calendar, note taking, journals and web browsing. Outlook email is a personal information manager from Microsoft outlook. For easy access user want access of their mails in their laptops. Here we will be discussing the setting up of outlook email in windows 10 but before knowing this user should have bit knowledge of different types of accounts which are important as a part of set up.(outlook email login problems)
When we think of set up for our outlook email, there is asked for a account type option. What is this account type? How many types of accounts are there? These are the question that will be popping in your head right now. So, coming to account types let me give you a brief and understandable description of different types of accounts:-
• POP:- The POP stands for Post Office Protocol. These types of account are accessible in both mobiles and laptops but these account does not have the feature of automatic mail sync. These accounts does not even sync the calendar associated with the account and the contacts as well. But this has a feature of storing emails locally. In this type of account if the user makes any changes that change could not be made permanently because this type of accounts are not linked to the webmail server.
• IMAP:- The IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. These accounts can be set up n both laptops and mobiles. These accounts have a feature of email syncing automatically from the server but cannot sync calendar and contacts. If any user makes any king of change in their emails that would not get lost like in POP because this is linked with the webmail server and whatever changes has been made in the account will be there on the webmail server.
• ACTIVESYNC:- The ACTIVESYNC accounts are the most versatile kind of accounts and are compatible for both mobiles and laptops. These accounts have feature of syncing mails, calendar and contacts automatically. Whatever changes the user make in mails, calendar or the contacts, everything will be saved on the webmail server and cannot be lost in any situation.
The above discussed account types are important knowledge for setting up outlook email in Windows 10 and the IMAP account is the most preferred account type among all of the other account types.
For setting up the outlook email in windows 10, the user just has to follow the below mentioned steps:-
 Launch mail app by pressing windows key on the keyboard.
 Select Mail option
 Click the settings Icon
 Click on Accounts options
 Then click Add Account options
 Click Advance setup option
 Enter username, password, account type, etc details
 And then click outlook Sign in.
The whole setup process is very simple but still if any user finds any outlook sign in issues
in the setup, they can contact the customer support executive and ask for help.
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