**Terracotta model of a warrior on horseback**

M32 0QT

A Terracotta model of a warrior on horseback, from Cyprus, dating to the Cypro-Archaic period, circa 7th - 6th century BC.

The horse standing foursquare with head raised, its bridle painted in red and green, the body with stripes and cross patterns in black and green. The rider holding onto the horse's neck with both hands, wearing a conical red helmet and black beard.

A wonderful example of archaic Cypriot art.

The use of pastel red and green pigments is highly unusual. For an example with similar polychrome decoration, see AM235, in the Louvre.

Dimension..Height7 1/2 inches.
Length6 1/2 inches

From the collection of David Read, England, acquired 1966 - 1969.

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