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Alternativelythey may be a shareholder and/or director of a company that functions as trustee, and also be in a position to exercise their shareholder and/or manager rights to control the trustee's discretionary powers. Worrall Moss Martin Lawyers has assisted many small business people and industrial operations in Tasmania for over thirty decades. The Willmaker must know and accept the contents of this Will, have testamentary capacity, and act openly in executing the Will.

Our approach to Wills and Estate Planning is to select the time, and real effort that's required to get to know what matters for our customer who's the Willmaker. Someone may be a trustee and be in a position to make decisions right in relation to the exercise of the trustee's discretionary powers. For many decades, we've focused on the legal areas where we have special expertise and experience, and don't try or want to be"all things to all people".

Kate often wins praise from customers who value her assistance through a challenging time. Many Tasmanian families choose Worrall Moss Martin Lawyers to help them to finalise the legal and financial affairs of a relative who has died. Our team of lawyers in this area focus on providing quality advice and documentation, and a high degree of client service. It's important to identify where"control" of this confidence is different.

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