Palladium catalyst Pd powder Palladium metal CAS 7440-05-3

28F,China Construction Third Bureau,Wuhan,Hubei Province, China

CAS No.:7440-05-3
Other Names:
Palladium catalyst
EINECS No.:231-115-6
Place of Origin:China
Application:Auxiliary Agents
Brand Name:AOKS
Model Number:AOKS-Palladium
Product name:Palladium
Appearance:Black powder
Stock:In stock
Payment:Ali Trade Insurance,T/T,Western Union
Delivery Time:3-5 days
Shelf life:24 Months
d 5% 10% 20% Pd/C catalyst

Alias Name : Palladium on activated carbon, Palladium on carbon, Palladium carbon catalyst, Palladium on carbon catalyst, Palladium on charcoal, Palladium on activated charcoal, Palladium charcoal, Palladium charcoal catalyst, Palladium on charcoal catalyst, Pd carbon catalyst, Pd/C, Pd/C catalyst

Palladium on carbon, often referred to as Pd/C, is a form of palladium used for catalysis. It is usually used for catalytic hydrogenations in organic chemistry. When the metal is distributed over finely-divided carbon catalyst support, the surface area is larger and the catalyst is more reactive.Palladium-on-carbon has also been used as the palladium(0) catalyst in the Suzuki reaction, Stille reaction,and related reactions.


1.Palladium is used for electronic industry thick film slurry, multi-layer ceramic capacitors inside and outside electrode material.

2.Palladium is used for the manufacture of catalysts and used in dental materials, watches and surgical instruments.

3.Palladium is used for catalyst (palladium asbestos, sponge palladium, etc.), low current contact point, printing circuit, and clock alloy.

4.Palladium is used for electrical instrument, precision alloy, etc. Electrical instruments, chemical industry and manufacturing precision alloys and other industrial applications.


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