Marijuana Kill Cancer Cells

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Marijuana has been used as medicine among humans for millennia from treating cramping, earaches, malaria and everything in between, Marijuana has had a long- term influence on the medical world. While there may have been no scientific basis for using marijuana back then, research about the cannabis plants's medicinal properties has become more and more common.

With the recent medical marijuana movement, marijuana is finally getting exposure as a reliable alternative medicine.

Despite this several researches began conducting experiments to see if marijuana really did have medical qualities. Some studies found that marijuana helps glaucoma, and other inflammatory diseases. Most notably, researchers found that when marijuana was given to patients undergoing chemotherapy, undesirable side effects decreased. Patients felt less nauseous, and were able to eat again. While these studies may be over 50 years old, they paved the way for more current research and hypothesis. Marijuana For Cancer Treatment

The NCI also reviewed 34 studies of cannabiniods and glioma tumor models. After review, all but one of those studies showed that cannabinoids can kill cancer cells without harming other normal cells in the body. Marijuana Store Near Me...

While the marijuana's place in the medical world is continually evolving, there is much to be done to ensure we find all of the benefits the plant can offer. While advocates have for marijuana reform for years, the federal government needs to step up and at least allow more researchers to study, If we dive deeper into the ways that marijuana kills cancer cells. We may find more significant and effective treatments for those diagnosed with a variety of cancers.. Medical Marijuana For Cancer Treatment

All in all, the current research shows a potential for marijuana to kill cancer cells. Until we legalize marijuana on a federal level, studies will remain limited within the field. If more marijuana is grown for research, and more people are approved for human trials, we may just find out the answer. But in the meantime, we must continue to push for researchers to have more authority in the field. If cannabinoids can help kill cancer cells, we should be pursuing every science can support the previous research.
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