Hotel Cleaning


Hotel cleaning
Our vision is to always be recognized as an excellent cleaning company by our customers, our employees and the communities we serve.

Our company specializes in Hotels and commercial cleaning services

We are the company that cleans both the interior and exterior of the property.
We have solutions and services for your property needs.
We'll save you time and money.
We personalize our services according to your wishes.
We specialize in branded and non-branded hotels.
We have excellent results and great references.
We are accredited for overall responsibility for both Comp employees and employees.
State and federal taxes, social security, unemployment taxes are our responsibility.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We'll take care of all your household needs.
Some of the things we do ...
Make beds with the linen provided by the hotel, we will be sure to inspect the bed linen to make sure it is devoid of stains, tears and is in good condition.
Clean all doors
Bathtubs / clean showers
Clean shower / wall doors and lighting fixtures
Clean sink, mirrors and vanity
Brush the chrome
Re-invent the hotel facilities
Clean the toilet top-down
Brush and wash the whole area
Clean all doors
Public spaces
Well-trained cleaners will clean and maintain all the hotel's public spaces, including deep cleaning on daily basis.
All toilets (mortar, toilets, mirrors, floors, etc.)
Lobby areas (casting, picture frames, reception, floor, doors, etc.)
Cafes (clean / powder tables, picture frames, casting, TVs)
Outside the land (all pick up garbage, stained pavement stains)
Business center (dust all furniture, all computers, picture frames, carpet / floors, doors, etc.)
Gym (dust / clean all cars, floor, re-stock of towels, etc.)
Holuri (dust, vid)
Elevators (clean and polished)
Areas of employment
Ground floor windows
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