Gas Detector for marine


Suitable for gas powered ships and industrial fields.
Detection accuracy: ±3% LEL (≤50% LEL); ±5% LEL (≤50% LEL)

Response time: ≤30s

Alarm setting value: LOAL (warning); 25% LEL; HIAL | (alarm); 50% LEL

Output signal: 4-20mA (load resistance ≤ 300Ω)

Contact output: warning output, alarm output, fault output, electric shock capacity: 10A, 120VAC, 240VAC

Ambient temperature: -40 ° C -70 ° C

Ambient humidity: ≤93%RH (no condensation)
The company's alarm products are widely used in ships, industrial and mining enterprises, commercial drinks, residential areas, etc., especially the ship alarm equipment has been applied to defense ships.