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The quote “you get what you pay for” is so true in this new world of cannabis. The availability of these meds are a blessing and the donations are a bargain at every level.
I highly recommend you don’t start out with a text of slang…, like “Hi” or Whats up? If you think that is a way to start a business conversation pass me up. If your goals and intentions are to grind me down for low prices, while then turning around and getting it out of Cali, along with charging outrageous prices on the other end. Pass me up! You “Out of town folks” could use some basic knowledge of the work needed to produce these products. If you want cheap! There are plenty of “To good to be true” BS ads on here. Good luck! Stop grinding me on numbers… If you want better numbers? Grow it! Keep shopping and leave me with the normal reasonable “local” people that appreciate what we provide them. We don’t need you! I am only looking to work with a few “SANE” people that recognize and respect opportunity. Peace…
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