Michelle Montanez HP

2338 Hilltop Drive

#Michelle Montanez HP

Website : https://radaris.com/p/Michelle/Montanez/ 

Michelle Montanez of HP currently works as an executive assistant at Hewlett Packard in the San Francisco Bay Area. As an executive assistant at HP, Michelle Montanez has a large amount of experience dealing with marketing and corporate communications, sales support, and customer relations and management. Prior to working here, Michelle Montanez of HP worked as an executive assistant at Sun Microsystems for five years, a sales coordinator for Roundstone Systems for four years, and at a different HP location as an executive assistant. Michelle’s wisdom, attitude, and communication skills make her an asset for any company. For the past six years, Michelle Montanez has worked at HP and has gotten the opportunity to increase her skills and depth of knowledge of the industry.

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