What is Botcho cream for booty enlargement? Whats App +27726364222

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What is Botcho cream for booty enlargement? Whats App +27726364222

The Botcho cream is not only one cream. There are three ointments in the line and all seem to have different effects as their manufacturers claim. The cream appeared in Africa several years ago and then spread all around the globe together with the fashion for curvy bottoms.

Now, women in Europe, Asia, and the USA, everywhere outside Africa where the creams have reached, are sure that Botcho is the name of the key ingredient of the cream. In fact, it’s not. Botcho is an Ivory Coast slang name for the booty and the brand simply shows where the cream should be applied. The inventor of the cream, an African man named Jean Claude Kigundu, is known as Dr. Kigundu despite of the fact that he has never attended any medical school or university. He has no medical education and neither is he a pharmacist. However, he has managed to mix something natural with something natural as well to receive the cream actually, the side effects depend on the content of the cream and while the components are not revealed, it’s impossible to guess what the side effects will be. The desire for big bottom by ladies was made popular by two disc jockies called DJ Tira and DJ Uhuru with their song titled the Bobaraba (big bottom) dance.

A self-acclaimed doctor is the inventor for butt enhancement creams which he says he makes out of natural ingredients. Jean Claude Kigundu, popularly called Dr Kigundu claims to have inherited his knowledge from his grandparents and is the answer to prayers of women.

Media portrayal of the ideal female body type to get any man she wants is accentuated by firm breast, tiny waist and a big bum (hour glass figure). And to reinforce this ideology, celebrities go through all kinds of procedures to achieve this feat. There has been a lot of products on the market promising to help women to look “good”.

There are slimming teas, detox teas, slimming pills, diet programs and creams. Others who would want immediate results go in for the cosmetic surgery.

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