GeekVape Framed Staple Coil, Geek vape Framed Staple Clapton Coil

82e Rolfe St, Smethwick B66 2AX, UK

GeekVape Framed Staple Coil 2 In 1 is a premium Clapton coil made from Kanthal(KA1) wrapped in Nicrome(N80). It can withstand a higher wattage and shorter heat up time for quicker vapor production. The Geek Vape Framed Staple Clapton 2 in 1 Set is for those looking for advanced coils, pre built. GeekVape Framed staple Clapton Coil 2 in 1 is a premium coil, to evenly distribute heat. This Framed staple Clapton Coil 2 in 1 will definitely bring you a pure flavor.

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