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UK Spouse Visa
The commonly known UK Spouse visa is allowed a person to immigrate to the UK who is married to legal UK Citizens.
Required credentials for UK Spouse Visa
The applicant wishing to come to the UK through Spouse Visa must fulfil some criteria. The vital requirement is that the applicant and UK resident must be over 18 at the time of application. The other requirements include that your marriage partnership must be a British Citizen and he or she must be recognized in the UK. Moreover, you must be intended to live with your sponsor and he or she must have adequate accommodation. Furthermore, you should fulfil the English language requirements.
The requirements for UK Spouse Visa set by the Immigration Authorities in the UK are extremely difficult to meet. In most cases, applicants are not eligible to meet all the credentials by themselves. However, we are expert in providing legal advice and representation for making the visa process as smooth as possible. Our trusted team has more than thirteen years’ experience that helps you meet the criteria. You can contact us through email at -
You can reach us at 0207 237 3388.
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