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To employ someone outside of the European Union you must need a Sponsor License. This depends on whether your workers are skilled with long term job offers or temporary works. However, before applying for Sponsor License you must make sure that you and your staff are suitable for these roles. Your foreign workers need to have required skills, qualifications and professionals credentials to do their jobs. Moreover, you should keep copies of relevant documents for each employee such as passport and other necessary work information. Besides, employees’ attendance and must be recorded and their contact details must be up to date. You may not get Sponsor License if you break the law and fail to pay vat or other existing duties. Besides, making a mistake by your caseworker could make your visa process slow.
Why ICS Legal for Sponsor License Application?
The immigration lawyers at ICS Legal are experts in dealing with sponsorship license. Our self-evident services got many quality reviews from clients about the service provided by our immigration lawyers. If you are looking for legal help for Sponsor License you can contact with us through email at info@icslegal.com.
You can reach us at 0207 237 3388.
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