Save Up to $15 on the First Driving Lesson- L Driving School


Want to learn safe and responsible driving skills? L driving School provides learners calm, stress-free and focused learning environment with cost-effective training packages. All our cars are insured, come with dual control and there is high ANCP rating for late models. We have both the female and male instructors to offer a convenient learning environment.

Special offer: 1 hour Keys2drive lesson + 1-hour driving lesson (2 hours) at $50; location wise discount on first 1-hour driving lesson, standard 1-hour driving lesson, 5 hours/10 hours/20 hours lesson packages, driving test day packages and Assessment test packages.

Highlights: Both automatic and manual cars to learn driving, car hire for driving test, safer driver course, training to become a car driving instructor, older driver assessments, free keys2drive lessons, discount on the international students and video lessons.

For more details call us at 1300 00 2626 or visit our website

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