How Many Types of Dental Braces

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Metal Braces
Metal braces are the most traditional kind of braces. Metal braces comprise of two basic components- the metal bracket and the bendable metal wire. The metal bracket is fixed on the center of the teeth, through which the bendable metal wire is threaded. This wire applies pressure on the teeth slowly and steadily and helps in aligning them. These are the fastest acting and the least expensive kind of braces.

Ceramic Braces
Ceramic braces are more or less similar to metal braces just that the brackets are made of ceramic, which is of the same colour as the color of the teeth. Some Dentist South East London even use tooth color ceramic wires, thus making the whole braces nearly invisible from a distance.

Self-ligating bracket braces
These too work on the same bracket and wire system. Traditional braces use rubber bands to hold on to the wire, whereas these braces use brackets with clips.

Invisalign - Invisible braces
This is the most effective and an advanced treatment. They are safe, next to invisible and extremely comfortable. Many people prefer these type of braces since it is not visible to the people around and so people do not notice that you are wearing braces at all. But they do not suit all patients.

Invisalign are the most expensive kind of braces. They are specially created keeping the cosmetic factor in mind.

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