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Generally, customers visit your store when you are well known in your locality. From the time of establishment, it takes so much time to make your product/services popular in your locality. So, to become popular you would decide, to promote your store by introducing discounts/offers and attract the customers in your neighborhood. GainDeals is a sales promotion App to promote your business locally by creating coupons and deals. The app helps to save time and effort to find discounts near you. There's certainly no reason to pay the full retail price for most products because there are so many resources on the Web that can help you compare prices, discounts and get the best deals around you.

Benefits of GainDeals to Store Owners:
Deals can be created from small business owners to a supermarket owner in a fraction of seconds. Whether big or small create coupons at will and make them available instantly to your customers.
GainDeals help you in promoting your business locally by reaching out to many more customers through GainDeals Mobile App.
Create Flash coupons to tell people around your store about the flash deal on your merchandise.

Benefits of GainDeals to Consumers:
GainDeals helps customers save time and effort to find deals near their location.
GainDeals helps customers in notifying Local offers/deals, food places, coffee shops, Movie theatres near to your current locations.
If you visited a new place and struggling to know best deals in that area GainDeals help you know the best deals in that area.
Reach Customers Anytime, Anywhere by Creating Coupons with GainDeals
GainDeals is available for Android, IOS, and web users.
Download GainDeals from Google Play and App Store.
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