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BK-EBDP legal status
Caused as the newest research chemicals, BK-EBDP is existing as legal in most countries around the world. Ephylone is considered as a grey area research chemical except china . However, it is necessary to check BK-EBDP legal issues in your country before you place an order in our online store.

About Comey pharma, China:
Hubei Comey pharma ltd was founded in 2012, which is Chinese professional manufacturer of all types of BK-EBDP since 2012, supply quality products at competitive prices. We would like to be your reliable supplier and trusted friends. Thank you for your attention!
Our factory Main,we sell this products as very high purity and quality. especially its efficient are in very good repute. We have our won technical team and precision laboratory to make sure our technical updates in time to create new business value for customers.
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