Concept Analysis 


Description of the Assignment

This assignment presents a modified method for conducting a concept analysis of ONE concept found in a nursing theory.  The source of the concept for this assignment must be a published nursing theory. The selected concept is identified and then the elements of the analysis process are applied in order to synthesize knowledge for application within the model and alternative cases.  Non-nursing theories may NOT be used. The paper concludes with a synthesis of the student’s new knowledge about the concept. The scholarly literature is incorporated throughout the analysis.

Only the elements identified in this assignment should be used for this concept analysis.

Criteria for Content

The introduction substantively presents all following 4 (four) elements:

Identifies the role of concept analysis within theory development,
Identifies the selected nursing concept,
Identifies the nursing theory from which the selected concept was obtained, and
Names the sections of the paper.

Definition/Explanation of the selected nursing concept
This section includes:

Defines/explains the concept using scholarly literature (a dictionary maybe used for this section ONLY, and additional scholarly nursing references are required), and
Information about the concept as discussed by the theorist from the selected nursing theory is substantively presented.

A substantive discussion of this section with support from nursing literature is required.

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