Junk Doctors

718 East Montana Drive Charlotte, NC 28216

Junk Doctors is a full service junk removal company. We provide all the labor and all pricing is given to you up front. This makes the process easy and fast! You won't even break into a sweat!

Renting a dumpster can be your best option if you’ve got a lot of sorting to do and the only place to put the debris is outside.

Junk Doctors is North Carolina’s largest locally owned junk removal company. We service the Raleigh, Charlotte, and Greensboro markets. By using Junk Doctors you get a company that is large enough to have the resources to get your job done when you want it done, but small enough that customer’s and team members have access to the owners on a daily basis. That ensures that you only get the highest quality work from Junk Doctors.

Phone: 704-659-1482

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