ITMG498 Starbucks’ Coffee Use for Internet – paper based on this outline 14 pager


Your paper should be no less than fourteen pages not including a title page, abstract and bibliography. It should also be in APA format

Starbucks’ Coffee Use for Internet

Christopher Groomes


Professor Marlett

April 6, 2014


This section will give a background into the area of IT and internet use in businesses. The section will answer questions such as how long IT has been employed in businesses, and the impact it has had since then. More importantly, the section will introduce the company being examined- Starbucks Coffee. It will give a brief background of the company and its target market’s geographical spread. The background information will help understand the organization’s financial strength and its ability to invest in sophisticated IT infrastructure. Lastly, the section will narrow down to the purpose of writing the paper.

Organizations current IT infrastructure

Having understood the company’s line of business, the paper will examine its investment in IT, as a sign of commitment to investing in technology. IT infrastructure is not limited to software and hardware but includes the company’s staff who are dedicated to IT duties. The section will also highlight any IT related roles the company may have outsourced to experts for efficiency and cost saving purposes. A comparison with major competitors may be included. This part will then focus on capabilities the company can attain from its IT investment. This sets the tone for the next part.

Organization’s use of the internet

This section will begin by highlighting the various uses the internet has been used for in business. For Starbucks, the paper will highlight the various business 2.0 applications the company is using. The section will therefore highlight e-commerce applications as well as the company’s use of social media to interact with clients. Using information from marketing companies’ websites, the paper will compare Starbuck’s social media ratings with those of major competitors. The comparisons will help understand the industry’s perception regarding the importance of social media on business. Lastly, it will be important to analyze the various target groups that Starbucks Coffee targets to understand their attitude towards social media. The analysis will help draw a conclusion about the relevance of the company’s social media efforts.

The Impact of internet and social media on performance

The section will highlight the perceived benefits of social media on businesses in general and narrow down to the service industry. A discussion on the peculiar nature of services will help understand the opportunities created by social media. The discussion will then focus on the Starbuck’s case and quote available figures on the company’s performance since it began making use of social media. The paper will find data that shows the impact of the internet on sales, costs, and other quantifiable aspects of business performance. Other benefits are non-quantifiable and the paper will explain how they are equally important as sales and net profits.

The challenges in internet gains quantification

This section will make use of information available from managers in the service industry that focuses on the social media use challenges. Quantifying gains from social media is important so that stakeholders such as shareholders understand the importance of social media investment. More importantly, the paper will discuss the available solutions in the market, including algorithms that track the traffic on a company’s website. There are also companies that can track the mentions of a company on sites such as Twitter. These companies organize and present the data to company managers in an easily understandable form. The paper will highlight the applications that Starbucks has employed in its efforts to gain business intelligence on social media and the internet in general.

Recommendations for improved performance

This section will focus on the trends in social media use by businesses. It will highlight the trends that would be most beneficial to Starbucks as it seeks to grow sales, customer loyalty, and service quality. The paper will also highlight structural changes the company may need to take to improve its IT and social media performance. Lastly, the section will highlight on future gains that could accrue to businesses as a result of social media presence.


The section will summarize the main ideas from the paper and reflect on the thesis statement. It will include an opinion regarding Starbucks use of the internet and business 2.0 applications. A justification for the claim will be presented together with a comparison with other companies in the service industry.

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