Determine which of the argument forms mentioned in this section


Determine which of the argument forms mentioned in this section (modus tollens, chain argument, modus ponens, affirming the consequent, denying the antecedent and undistributed middle) is found in which of the following passages. Which contain valid arguments and which do not?

If the Saints win the Super Bowl, it will be poetic justice for New Orleans, the country’s most bad-luck city in recent years. Unfortunately, the Saints have no chance to win, so there’ll be no poetic justice this year for “N’awlins.”

If you read Ayn Rand, you’ll be a libertarian. And, of course, if you’re an anarchist, you’re already a libertarian. Hmm. It looks like if you read Ayn Rand, you’ll be an anarchist!

It’s true, Ms. Zerkle will be accepted into law school only if she has excellent grades. But I’m telling you, you should see her transcript; she’s made straight A’s for the past two years. So, don’t worry about her getting into law school. She’ll be accepted without a doubt.

If the Lambda X’s continue to throw those open parties, they’re going to get citied by the police. So, if they continue the parties, they’ll get decertified by the university because the university will certainly decertify them if they’re cited by the police.

If the carburetor is clogged, the engine will run lean, and running lean will lead to overheating. So, overheating can result if the carburetor is clogged up.

Construct deductions for each of the following, using Group I rules. Each can be done in just a step or two. Remember the slash operate like therefore, to introduce the conclusion.

1      P -> S

2      P v Q

3      Q->R                /S v R

1. R & S

2. S -> P         /P

1. (P v Q) -> R

2. Q                /R

1.     ~P

2.     ~ (R & S) v Q

3.     ~P -> ~ Q                       / ~ (R & S)

1.     P -> ~ (Q & T)

2.     S -> (Q&T)

3.     P.                    / ~ S

1.     (P v T) -> S

2.     R -> P

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