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Guang Zhou City, China

Sino Sigma PCB Quality Assurance Process
Sino Sigma Group Ltd, a China-based PCB solution provider, specializes in providing worldwide clients with high-quality printed circuit board fabrication, assembly and components sourcing services atan affordable price.
Technology: SIGMA has invested heavily in IT to work through a paperless system that makes sure that all of the data is always in the same place, stored the same way.
Software –
• PROTEL( Altium Designer)
• PADS (Power PCB)
• WG
• Allegro
• Eagle Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor)
• Kicad
• Easy Eda
• Other PCB Software
Product Categories:
• Standard PCB
• PCB Prototype
• Flexible PCB
• Rigid-Flex PCB
• High Frequency PCB
• Thick Copper PCB
• High-TG PCB
• Halogen-Free PCB
• PCB Assembly
• SMT Stencil
To ensure that all our customers get what they want PCB when they want it and that these complex PCB processes are done correctly, SIGMA deploys a Complete Set PCB Quality Management Systems.
Contact Information:
Address: Floor 2-3, Block 1, No.232. Huan Cheng Xi Road, Shi Qiao Street, Panyu Dist, Guang Zhou City, China
Phone number: +86-20-84733959
Telephone: +86-13728045288