Be a registered driver with the BHUMMI ride-sharing app & be your own boss!

Charleston, United States - charleston, us

BHUUMI ride-sharing app has come up with a difference with a vision to empower its drivers to become entrepreneurs! Working for the universal good, the BHUUMI app encourages its drivers to be an entrepreneur who can prosper, learn, and grow with the company. Unlike other taxi-hailing apps, who charge 30%-40% commission, BHUUMI charges its drivers with only $1 per ride and allows them to keep all the rest. Keeping its users at priority, the new taxi-hailing app comes with advanced safety features to ensure that the passengers are safe at every step of their ride. As a better alternative to other on-demand taxi-hailing apps, BHUUMI is a one-stop solution of all those looking for comfortable, reliable, and affordable rides.

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