I have a car to sell


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Hello everyone, I have a monthly car in my name. I want to sell it after six months of use. My friend said that I would sell the car to him. Because it is a monthly car, I have to pay off the car before I can transfer it. The monthly payment is 60,000 yuan, and I sold him 100,000, so I took 40,000 in cash first, and the remaining time has been negotiated to repay and transfer. After the agreed time, I found that both the person and the car disappeared. Now, I learned that the person who drove my car did not pay the third party. The third party thought that the car was my friend's, because the driving license was my name, not the person who drove my car, so I drove The man I drove away explained that it was not his name because it was a debt car. The third party drove away.

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