Mental Illness Awareness Hoax

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October is Mental Illness Awareness Month, to the chagrin of most of us who suffer from this stigmatized illness. No, we don't see the sincerity of it all, but thanks for the effort to the few who really do care on behalf of most mentally ill people of this country (as you already know you are a rarity, especially within the Oregon mental health provider system).
This issue is just not talked about much, and why? If it's such a common ailment (one in five are affected) why do we go to so much trouble avoiding seeking help at all cost? Stigma, yes it's true. You will face stigma. From personal experience, I had a tough bout with depression, and needed two emotional support animals to get me thru when my bird of 16 yrs died in a low point of my life. Doctors documented I was allergic to cats and dogs after extensive allergy testing, so outdoor pets were necessary. Dwarf goats are allowed in my town, yet my former neighbors saw my medical need as an opportunity to attack me. Paula Clark was working for a mental health agency (KBBH) at the time of her attack (her husband, a state employee Bob helped), and the agency director Stan Gilbert allowed her to continue with her attacks for five solid years. At the end it appeared that he was working in conjunction with her, but who knows.
What I do know is this woman because of her bipolar daughter knew the language of the system, and knew she could cause great damage to me if she could attack me for needing emotional support animals. They set it up so their dogs continued barking only to help their BOGUS argument that my beloved ESA’s were making their dogs bark. They just needed to block a three foot gate, but because their goal was really to hurt me, they refused to do it. Those very sick, demented and tormented people finally moved, but their legacy forever will live on as long as I’m alive.
MIA Group or Mental Illness Advocacy Group is here to say:
Website coming, Social Media coming, but initially we will remain focused on our state of origin which is Oregon, one of the Bluest states in the Nation. Why are WE on the bottom of 50 states for funding for mental health Governor Brown? Government is cutting more funding as homeless lines freeways and people take their own lives as if it's the end of the world (and it is for most of them left stranded)?


More coming, but we need your story too. Please contact your phone number must be included, no conversation without it. All attempts at bullying will be made public.
Governor Kate Brown this issue will not be ignored, we are in crisis.
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