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New construction homes AZ –You need a “pro” on your side to negotiate with the builder “pro”

Scottsdale, Arizona - abilene, us

In many ways, new construction homes AZ are the perfect housing solution. They come with the latest in energy-efficient construction, features, appliances, etc., plus those homes are “New!!” ... even smell new like a new car. And have no doubt, that builder salesperson is very much like the car dealer salesperson. Both are dedicated “seller pros”. We, Wally & Patricia Neal, The Neal Team - TNT, have been full-time Realtors® in metro-Phoenix for 25+ years - as dedicated “buyer pros”. We are on a first-name basis with many builder salespersons. Most are entirely honest and want their buyers to be pleased and happy - at least initially. But they have a legal, fiduciary duty to the builder. The problems are in what they don’t say, options they don’t present, defective lots they push, etc. We advise you in advance that we may sound negative pointing out all the negative issues, even while advising you to purchase the new home that fits your needs and preferences and has none of those negative aspects.And our services are free to you as a buyer ... yes, FREE! Our #1 goal would be to earn Your trust for “My Realtor”. We can achieve that only through a strong, positive relationship based on results. Give us a call, email or text. You’ll be really glad you did.

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