New Horizons is a very contradictory match for me


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Yeah, this is sort of the way I've been looking at it recently. Much like, yes it introduced some really great new thoughts in the way of outdoor decorating (which really much feels like the natural next step for the show ) as well as the landscaping tools. The crafting system is a pretty nifty way to provide players kind of mini-goals. Not ideal but it is a fantastic idea.

However, the pile of missing content and features is really frustrating. I know nobody wants to compare this to Pokemon (since Sword/Shield have a good deal of other problems beyond missing Pokemon and tends to cut features more frequently ) but Animal Crossing is a string which has historically had nearly all of it is items/collectibles and attributes carried forward in some capacity. Even small things like obtaining a reward for saving X amount of money in the bank are straight up dropped.

New Horizons is a very contradictory match for me. On the other hand it really does move the series forward in some wise ways (deocrating and landscaping, NookMiles is a better implementation of this MEOW Coupons from Welcome Amiibo) but at the same time when you get down to the small details it seems like it is less fully featured compared to New Leaf. I still like the game a good deal, and going back to playing my New Leaf city on the 3DS tiny screen isn't just comfortable so I'm hardly going to fall New Horizons, but I can't shake the feeling it may be a whole lot better, and I hope the game group hears that sort of comments and strives to react to it.

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