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Rsgoldfast - Martin Thwait will go extinct in a puff


Rsgoldfast - ann arbor, us

Go through the door, and look in the chest of Pheonix Gang for the shield. If you are an Pheonix Gang member, the Black Arm Cabinet. It will be locked, so lock it, and you'll receive Thwait's Key. The key to the Rogues Den is Burthrope. Master Thwait will block your path when you use the key with the gate. What are you doing? I'm thinking of cracking the safe Bah, it doesn't really matter. If you're a Theif, you'll probably end up with a situation where Thwait stops turning around and seems to ignore you.

Then, you can use Thwait's key to open the safe. Surprise! A Rogue (Level-95) Pops out. He can use his special when he is less than 10% HP. The Max is 15. He can use his special with a maximum of 5, 6 8 or 7. If you hit that, then you just need some decent food. Take him down and Martin Thwait will appear. My small surprise was thwarted! But you aren't done yet!

Martin Thwait will go extinct in a puff. Unfortunately, he will leave his clue scroll. It reads"Two Kings" there are, each one with a single origin. One jealous and the other awe-inspiring. Look toward the rising tide of two joined people; they will bring you to the spot of which I speak. It is evident. Freminnik Isle; but, which? You can charter a ferry to Jatizo from Mord Gunnar. You will see a brief scene of a stranger who is waiting on the dock.

You are a fool! The Stranger hits Mord Gunnar and gives him a reward of 25. He then dies and drops a Map of the Seas. But the Stranger isn't going to give up! Now kill Bandit (Level-69) He is armed with a Rune Dagger (P+) and is able to poke you for up to 4. After the death of Bandit, he'll drop an Clue Scroll. It will reveal: A Circle of Evil is a decrepit town. I am hiding in the swamp of invisible dangers. Burgh De Rotte is undoubtedly the answer. You can talk with any one of the residents who live there by visiting the house.

You're welcome to return... just in case you require it. Yes, that's right! Cower in my shadow! Now, defeat the Stranger (Level-69) and he will be dead. He will only be able to make use of the Dragon Dagger. He'll be an easy target and will drop Thwait's Key.

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