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The NBA 2K League's major benefit

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It's also quite common to see advertisements within the game. Donohue states that it's normal to view a basketball match with courtside the game's signage. This allows participants to "be part" of the online experience.

With a passionate fan-base the NBA 2K League has established itself as a viable and profitable product. However, Donohue states that "we believe we're just scratching the surface." Donohue outlines the 1.9 billion followers of the NBA on social media as a huge potential pool.

There's also the matter of whether NBA 2K could be used as a way to attract new basketball fans like Ted Leonsis, Washington Wizards owner and media mogul, has suggested. In actual fact, Donohue has his own instance, which is close to home. "My personal son, as playing 2k, all of a sudden the kid is coming to me and reading the Warriors roster and other information about Steph Curry and I'm like what's the reason he's staying awake until 10 o'clock at night to take in these games, when and he's just seven years old What's up with that? He's learning about 2K and who's good based on their ratings in 2K.

Donohue believes this demonstrates the "transformation" in how young people consume media and how that is changing. The NBA is also learning about these new audiences and what they are looking for. Donohue says that esports are different from traditional sports in that they enjoy the voice and power of the supporters.

Twitch chat functions on Twitch broadcasts are just one illustration of this. "The Twitch chat function is always going and we monitor this function in order to keep our fans interested It also offers an ideal opportunity to obtain immediate feedback and to make changes to our programming... It's about "hey our fans want the camera angle and the behind-the scenes content" which Donohue describes as "almost becoming a standard for the younger audience, it is that you're actually listening."

The NBA 2K League is not constrained by limitations that are traditional to basketball.

The NBA 2K League's major benefit is its ability to play anywhere. This not only allows for the new draft process but also allows for international markets to be explored. Although the NBA has been able to do a lot to advertise its brand internationally, it has only been able to play individual matches in areas like Paris, London, and China. The long-rumored dream of international divisions is just that, a dream.

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