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 1916 Bay Rd. Miami Beach FL 33139 Miami Beach FLorida USA - miami, us

Sweat440 prvodies you the HIIT workouts which will help you in burning your fat and also increase the metabolism of the body. Daily 20 minutes workout session is enough for you. The HIIT exercises are : Unlimited High-Knees, Burpees, Crunch Time, Unlimited Squats, HIIT Running Workout.HIIT and cross-training classes beginning every 10 minutes which make us the world’s most convenient fitness centre. We conveniently located at two locations one is 1916 bay rd Miami Beach, FL 33139 and another one is 5000 Rue Jean-Talon Montréal, QC H4P 1W9.To join us fill up our registration form or give us a call at 3059648653 or (514) 594-0440.

Company : Brickhouse Athletics, LLC

Address : 1916 Bay Rd. Miami Beach FL 33139

City/Town : Miami Beach

State : FLorida

Country : USA

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