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we booted up Madden NFL 21 to simulate Super Bowl LV


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This latest version of the legendary Madden franchise comes with a full single player campaign, where it is possible to play through multiple seasons with your favourite group, and an online multiplayer mode. The game downloads the most recent participant stats, to provide you a more authentic experience.

Electronic Arts focused on improving the AI of computer players to provide more of a battle, also designed new combo moves and pass hurry mechanics. All of these improvements are designed to create Madden NFL 21 more realistic than any other entry in the series.

GameStop is also offering a bundle of Madden NFL 21 with an official Super bowl LVI (56) commemorative coin for just $29.99 -- that's $45 cheaper than normal. This package is exclusive to GameStop, and also a no-brainer for serious soccer fans.

Madden NFL 21: Our Super Bowl LV simulation effects

Now's the day! Following 17 grueling weeks for the regular season and then the next five for the postseason, the 2020-21 NFL season is going to come to a conclusion. The Kansas City Chiefs are set to Satisfy the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV on Sunday, February 7, 2021, and as per usual, we're here to predict the winner utilizing Madden NFL 21.

EA's simulation called the Chiefs to repeat as champions and while we admire their simulation, we believed it would be interesting to conduct our own also. Madden has been pretty consistent in correctly picking the winner of the Big Game, going 11-5 since 2004. This season, we booted up Madden NFL 21 to simulate Super Bowl LV, and here are the results!

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